About Us

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We are a family-owned business, since 1983 we have specializes in diamonds, diamond jewellery. With our Asian roots we also have a wide range of Jade jewellery and 24k Chinese Gold jewellery.

Short History

Jade House Jewellery is established in 1983 by Yun Minh Xiu, who learned his skills in goldsmith and jewellery in Hong Kong. During the 70’s he came as a refugee in The Netherlands. And he continued his career as a goldsmith and jeweler in Amsterdam.
Through his passion, experience coupled with his focus on trust, service, quality and fair price he built Jade House Jewellery into a successful family company.

Our Principles

Our tradition and motto is to serve our customers as good as possible. We are guided by our principles of trust, service, quality and fair price.

  • Trust: An old dutch saying: Trust comes on foot and leaves on a horseback. We cherish the trust that a customer give us. Our customers trust that we will give them the best advice for the purchase of a product that sometimes will last for generations. Our customers trust that we will always keep our promises about our service and products.
  • Quality: Every fine jewellery is a personal and unique work for our customers. It is our goal that they can enjoy their fine jewellery to the fullest.
  • Service: We will give our customers the best service as possible.
  • Fair Price: We offer the best and fair price for our products that also guarantees the quality and service it deserves.

Our products and services

We have the an extensive know-how to help you and guide you in purchasing your fine engagement rings, wedding rings, or other fine jewellery.  
We have big assortment in gold and silver fine jewellery, set with all kind of precious and semi-precious stones.
Years of experience in the jewellery business has helped us building an extensive network of diamond sources. We can help you purchase and find your perfect diamond for your engagement ring.
With our Chinese and Vietnamese roots, we have also in our collections an extensive assortment in 24 karat gold jewellery or 18 karat gold jewellery set with jade or diamonds.
Last but not least we can always help you designing your own personal jewellery item.

Our boutique

We have boutique in the old center of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Our boutique is located opposite the monumental building “Oost-Indisch Huis”, which was one of the headquarter of the VOC (Dutch East India Company).

Our address: Oude Hoogstraat 25
1012 CD Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Our normal opening hours* are:
Mo 1pm - 05:30pm, Tue-Fri 11am - 05:30pm, Sat 11am - 4:30pm.

*Please note that opening hours can be different due to holidays or festivities.


 If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, you can do this directly through the contact form or:

Telephone:  +31 20 6269320
Email: info@jadehouse.nl
Whatsapp: +31 62686887, please note that is only used for Whatsapp.
Wechat: helanzuanshi99


Our goal is to provide an excellent service for any one at anytime:

"The Quality You can Trust  with the Service you Value"

Team Jade House